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About us

AINA is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. AINA's mission is to provide creative and nifty solutions in both the Business to Business and Business to Consumer space. 

Our current project is focused on building an AI engine & an ecosystem for consumer products.  To reach us please email us.

Core Team

Izza Masud
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Izza is a seasoned entrepreneur, marketer, beauty enthusiast, author and closet poet.  She founded and co-founded several startups around the world including Popul Technologies(Canada) Trustifier Inc. (USA) and GT International (Australia). Her companies previous partnerships and clients include with HP, Intel, IBM, US DOD. When she's not busy hatching inspired ideas, she dabbles in scriptwriting photography and public speaking.

Faisal Jamal

Faisal Jamal

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Faisal has previously brought brand success to giants like Proctor & Gamble, Henkel, Savola, ALJ, Unilever, Coca-Cola  & Colgate Palmolive and thoroughly understands the B2C space. His knowledge of branding, marketing, and market research are unparalleled. He's lived and worked around the world including, Canada, Germany, USA, UAE & Saudi Arabia. He's a self-confessed online gaming fanatic and can be found battling online.

Sameer Salahudeern

Sameer Salahudeen

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Sameer is part geek, part entrepreneur and is usually hidden behind computer screens. His choice of programming weapons include C. C++Java, Python, C#, .NET, Flex, Ruby on Rails, iOS, AI, SharePoint, Facebook/Twitter/Youtube API integration,  Technology road mapping, and architecture, and almost anything under the sun. When he can sneak a break he enjoys being a dad and seeking new adventure.


George Windsor

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George is a barrister and understands corporate & patent law. He has been a  legal advisor to Export Development Corporation Treasury Division and to and a director of Martin Marietta Canada Ltd, a private corporation owned by Martin Marietta Technologies Incorporated, a US public corporation, (now Lockheed Martin); Member, Panel of Independent Advisors to Auditor General Dye (1987-91). He has also acted as Canadian legal advisor to Goldman Sachs.  George enjoys microbreweries, writing about law and the outdoors.   

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