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"Aina," which means mirror or reflection in Sanskrit and Urdu, was specifically chosen to represent our mission. It symbolizes our dedication to changing the way beauty is perceived. Our belief is that everyone should feel empowered to embrace their own beauty in their own way, and we stand by our motto, "my beauty, my rules, my journey." We strongly believe in the importance of personalization- every individual should have the ability to customize their beauty journey to suit their unique preferences and needs.

My beauty my rules my journey


Izza Masud 

I come from a traditional South-Asian beauty culture which, despite being colourful and celebratory, is also filled with restrictive beauty standards. I want to change this narrative, where beauty is defined by an individual's own journey and preferences. To me, beauty is being the best version of oneself, both inside and out. When we look in the mirror, we should all know that we are beautiful.


Izza is a visionary entrepreneur with over 25 years in the IT industry, known for transforming ideas into reality. As the founder of Aina's AI-driven beauty recommendation engine, she merges cutting-edge technology with her passion for inclusive beauty standards. With a rich history of leadership, Izza excels in navigating companies from inception to industry recognition.

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Daniel Jibouleau

Daniel Jibouleau


In a world where technology shapes every facet of our lives, I believe there's always room to innovate and redefine the status quo. At Aina, we're not just developing skincare solutions; we're crafting a future where technology and personal care intersect in ways previously unimagined. It's about leveraging every breakthrough to ensure our solutions are not only effective but also resonate deeply with the individuality of each user. The true beauty of technology lies in its ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, and that's the vision we're bringing to life every day.

Daniel's Journey

Daniel is at the vanguard of technological innovation in skincare, bringing over two decades of expertise in full-stack development, data architecture, and seamless integration of Agile methodologies. With a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Université Laval, his career is distinguished by significant contributions to industry giants like Telus and Bell Canada, where he honed his skills in solving complex problems with elegant, efficient solutions. At Aina, Daniel leads the charge in redefining skincare technology, focusing on strategy, architecture, development, and security.

George Windsor


In navigating the intricate world of corporate law, I've always believed that a commitment to truth, law, and justice is just as crucial as legal expertise. An understanding of technology helps. As we move forward, it's essential that we not only adhere to the highest legal standards but also foster an environment where innovation and integrity walk hand in hand. My mission, both in the courtroom and as a Convenor of the Citizens' Circle for Accountability, is to ensure that our legal practices uphold the rule of law, are just and fair, empower progress, and maintain the values we cherish in the tech community and beyond.

George's Journey

George's 28-year career in corporate law is distinguished by his strategic guidance and legal expertise, driving growth and safeguarding interests at premier law firms and as a legal advisor to the Export Development Corporation. His journey began with a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill, grounding his legal acumen with a robust understanding of technology—an area he remains deeply passionate about. George's roles have not only seen him navigate complex legal landscapes but also champion accountability and innovation as the Convenor of the Citizens' Circle for Accountability. His unique blend of technical insight and legal prowess ensures Aina's endeavors are not just compliant, but also pioneering, reflecting a commitment to excellence and ethical responsibility.



I profoundly believe in the power of humanity. It's my conviction that when we feel our absolute best, brimming with confidence, the limits to our potential dissolve into the ether. In our era, where technology increasingly wields immense influence, I see an essential journey inward as our true path forward. Only when we delve deep into that which makes us uniquely human, will we uncover our authentic self. Aina will be a trusted companion on this extremely personal journey to embrace and express our true self. And together, we will celebrate our individual true power.

Angela's Story

A seasoned business leader, project management expert, and respected educator, Angela's over 25-year career transforming organizations in the public, private and education sectors includes influential roles at PwC, IBM, and Algonquin College. Her legacy is one of strategic growth and delivered business value. Most recently her program leadership resulted in a student enrolment growth of over 600% resulting in a revenue leading program. She holds an MBA and PMP, thrives in dynamic settings, and consistently delivers transformative results.

our core values

Our values are more than just words; they are the essence of our identity and the foundation of our culture. At AINA, we strive to create an environment where these values are lived every day, guiding our decisions, actions, and interactions.



Every Shade, Every Type, Every YOU: We celebrate diversity in all its forms. At AINA, everyone belongs, and every perspective is valued.



My Beauty, My Rules, My Journey: We champion the uniqueness of each individual. Our technology and services are designed to cater to the personal beauty needs and preferences of each user.



Take Charge, Be YOU: We encourage everyone to own their beauty journey. Empowerment is at the core of what we do, both in the products we create and the culture we foster.


Community Building

Together, We're a Masterpiece: Collaboration and community are vital. We build strong connections among our team, our users, and our partners.


Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Beauty with a Conscience: We are committed to ethical practices in all aspects of our business. Sustainability isn't just a trend; it's a responsibility we take seriously.


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