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Meet Aina, your very own AI-powered beauty Assistant on your phone!

How Does Aina Work?


Aina Gets You!

Aina's AI Beauty Engine is your assistant that speaks to you to understand your beauty needs and customizes skincare routines and beauty looks based on your skin type, location, body cycle, weather, brand preferences,  and allergies and utilizes the products you already own so you can stay in your own beauty eco-system.

Aina Creates Beauty Routines on the Fly!

 Aina understands your skin cycle and lifestyle, creates skincare routines, and offers advice. You get a fresh routine based on your hyper-personalized skin matrix dynamically every day!

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Aina recognizes your skincare and makeup bag

Aina knows what's in your beauty bag and it assists you in making the most out of your products and allows you to put together daily routines and makeup looks effortlessly.

"Hey Aina, is this product right for me?"

You can ask Aina if a product is a good fit for you or not, because Aina's AI  matches it against your hyper-personalized profile, and helps you determine if you actually need it or not!

Try An Influencer Beauty Routine
That's actually personalized to you!

  Love that Influencer's routine but need to know if it's right for you?
Aina's AI matches an influencer's routine to your skin matrix and adjusts it dynamically to you. 

The Aina App will be available Summer 2024
Aina AI will be available for download on
All Smart Phone Platforms & Smart Speakers


Aina  AI Beauty Engine
Aina AI Beauty Engline

Privacy, Security & Owning Your Data
Privacy and security built-in. Aina was designed to help protect your privacy and keep you in control of your personal data. 

Aina means reflection

At Aina, we have a deep understanding of the meaning behind the word "reflection." We believe that true beauty should be defined on your own terms, free from any external pressures or outdated standards.

our credo...
My Beauty, My Rules, My Journey


Our Pledge

At Aina, diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values that drive our mission. We celebrate the beauty of everyone and challenge traditional standards. Our diverse product range caters to unique needs, and we collaborate with influencers from diverse backgrounds.
We champion individuality, self-expression, and inclusive beauty standards. We actively listen, prioritize education, and strive to remove barriers. Join us on the journey towards a more inclusive and equitable beauty landscape.
#AinaBeauty #InclusivityMatters #DiverseBeauty #ChallengingNorms #DEICommitment

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